US Senate candidate Charles Marsala served two terms on the Atherton, California, City Council before being elected to Mayor in 2006. At the time, he ran on a platform of term limits. Now term limits are needed as we can clearly see the negativeeffects of having career politicians in Louisiana’s state budget deficit.

Questionable accounting methods and fundraising tactics leave little confidence in Kennedy.

Marsala points to Louisiana’s reported $28 billion shortfall in unfunded pension and healthcare liabilities, as reported by the PEW Institute.

Louisiana Treasurer since 1999 and current candidate for US Senate, John N. Kennedy’s most recent opponent only raised $10,000 in 2015. Kennedy’s PAC director contributed to the opponent’s campaign while signing her campaign finance papers, leaving voters to speculate the opponent was recruited by Kennedy to run against him so he could begin campaigning early for the Senate race. During the campaign, the opponent did not mention the unfunded liabilities, which have left the state a $2 billion deficit for 2017.

This is perhaps because, as "Truth in Accounting" reports, Kennedy is hiding the shortfall in the annual budget reports.

The General Accounting Standards Board passed a law requiring greater disclosure, but Kennedy has avoided compliance. Simply put, most pensions in Louisiana are in jeopardy and the situation is, as the PEW Institute writes: ‘Cause for Serious Concern.’

Marsala believes that through outdated accounting methods Kennedy has hidden the actual numbers from the residents of Louisiana in order to achieve political success and move on to Senator before the probable reductions hit pensioners.

He believes voters should ask the question: "Did Kennedy run for a fifth term as treasurer to address the unfunded pension liabilities or to be on the state’s payroll while he ran for athird time for Senator?"Kennedyran unsuccessfully for Senateboth as a Democrat and Republican.

Kennedy diverts from problem to attack Congress and contract spending.

Kennedy's campaignis attacking the Louisiana State Legislature for awarding contracts to private companies rather than continuing to use state employees, adding to the unfunded pension liabilities, but he does not explain his logic and avoids presenting any plan to pay retirees with the state’s current situation.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) reports that Louisiana has $120 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, with only $36 billion in assets allocated to those debts, for a total unfunded debt of over $70 billion.

The PEW Institute reports Louisiana has a liability of $51 billion and $23 billion in assets with an unfunded liability total of $28 billion.

"Truth in Accounting" reports that Kennedy is hiding $12 billion of debt. Ballotpedia, Pension Tsunami, "The Hayride",, "The Advocate," and "New Orleans City Business" repeatedly publish reports on the unfunded debt and the pensions that are at risk, reporting the state will likely face drastic cutbacks of first responders.

The Pelican Institute and the "Pelican Post" have also published numerous reports that date backto 2011 with:"Louisiana Pensions Among Most Underfunded", "Looming Pension Crisis Ignored", and "Louisiana’s Fiscal Albatross."

Marsala concludes, "Had Kennedy been termed out eight years ago as Treasurer, like the Governor, Louisiana would have had new Treasurer candidates who would have informed the residents of the dire situation and their plans to resolve it. As Senator, I will advocatefor term limits so that we do not end up in situations like the one Kennedy is tryingtoleave us. As a resident of Louisiana, I am concerned by Kennedy's absence during the Senate forums.

He seems to be dodging these important issues at a time when we need leadership to tackle them."

In addition to term limits, Marsala is also running on a campaign to protect senior savings, end ivory-funded terrorism, and reduce the Gulf Dead Zone.

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