Newly released federal immigration records show that Ivanka Trump, daughter and senior advisor of presidential hopeful Donald Trump, sought out foreign labor for the production of her line of jewelry, despite her father's strong views regarding the use of foreign labor forces. Donald Trump, whose views on immigration and foreign labor have helped fuel his right-wing popularity, has been an outspoken advocate of bringing factory jobs 'back' to America, as well as keeping out immigrants who are, in his view, 'taking' American jobs. But records show that both Trump and his daughter's companies have taken advantage of the same kind of guest worker visas for a wide variety of jobs within their businesses, despite Trump's insistence that these kinds of programs ruin the American job market.

Though he's publicly admitted to using programs such as the H-1B visa to hire foreign workers, Trump and his camp have added that they think such procedures should no longer be used and that they lower overall wages. As his senior advisor, one hope was that Ivanka could refine her father's foreign policy and present it in a softer light to help him appeal to a wider voter base. But now, it seems that she's now stuck in the same sort of hypocritical conundrum that has been plaguing Trump since the beginning of his campaign.

"Do as we say, not as we do"

Trump's corporations have not only come under fire for using the H-1B visa program, which is generally used for higher paying skilled jobs, but also the H2-B visa used to employ less skilled workers.

In 2015 it was revealed that Trump's Mar-A-Lago club and Florida golf course both employed unskilled foreign workers using the H2-B visa program, for jobs such as housekeepers, waiters, and cooks. When asked about this, Trump stated that he employed the program not to cut costs but because it was 'hard' to find workers in the locations of these businesses (employment centers in these Florida locations have denied these claims).

Immigration records related to Ivanka Trump's line reveal that between 2008 and 2013, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry also applied for at least five H-1B visas, allowing the company to temporarily hire foreign workers in their public relations and marketing departments. The company has also applied for a green card on behalf of an employee within the last year, whose home country is listed in the records as Mexico.

Despite the widespread use of such programs within their businesses, Trump and his daughter/advisor are still assuring voters that these practices are not supported by the Trump campaign.If elected, Trump has also stated that he would put policies in place that required companies to hire American citizens before being able to use these visa programs, making it very difficult to hire foreign labor sources. Ivanka Trump and representatives for her jewelry company have not yet offered any comments.

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