Is Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas about to endorse Donald Trump? Hot Air is reporting that Jeff Roe, Cruz’s old campaign manager, thinks so and that the senator thinks about it every day. Cruz, it is reported, is impressed at how Trump has managed to get control of himself, maintain campaign discipline, and thus catch up with Hillary Clinton in the polls. Of course, Roe may not know any such thing and he is trying to push his old boss in that direction.

On the one hand, a late Cruz endorsement of Trump makes sense. Very likely, when he made the speech about voting ones conscience at the Republican National Convention, Cruz expected the candidate to crash and burn. Then Cruz would be in the position to say “I told you so.” But now, thanks largely to the adult supervision of his new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, Trump has been able to remake himself and to surge against Hillary Clinton, seen as increasingly corrupt, sickly, and desperate.

A Cruz endorsement would shake loose a few of the never Trumpers and help the candidate over the top. Then Trump would owe Cruz some consideration when he becomes president.

Of course the minor matter of the personal issues between Cruz and Trump remain. Trump did savage both Cruz’s wife and father while on the campaign trail. These insults are hard things to set aside for anyone, especially a person with a healthy sense of honor as Cruz.

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Donald Trump

Trump could fix things by picking up the phone and offering a formal apology. He could go even further and offer it in public. That apology might just be the one thing that would drive Cruz to go ahead and throw in with Donald Trump.

Being the consummate showman, Trump might want to choreograph the endorsement and the apology to his advantage, Imagine one of those monster rallies with people packed to the rafters.

Then, instead of the local politician or one of the usual suspects, Ted Cruz appears at the podium. The crowd goes wild as he gives a full throated endorsement.

Then Trump comes out, praises his erstwhile enemy, and makes the apology. The crowd goes even wilder as the two men embrace, old enmities set aside, eyes clearly fixed on the prize of the presidency and defeating Hillary Clinton.

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