An account run by donors committed to electingHillary Clinton published amoving campaign video on September 23rd, unveiling the significant consequences of Donald Trump's hateful words toward women. The stunning YouTube piece, which was created by Hillary for America andapproved by the Democraticpresidential candidate, details the harmful aftermath of the Republican candidate's outspoken dislike for the ladiesand certainfemale physical attributes. Clinton and her team unleashed thiscommanding message just days before the first presidential debate on September 26th, rallying support from parents in the hours before the anticipated Hofstra University event.

A message for American citizens and theirdaughters

The 30-second-long promotional film intercuts staged footage of diverseyoung girls observing themselves in the mirror with footage and sound bites of Trump's television appearances and inflammatory comments. As each teenage girl judges her appearance andevaluates her self worth, the Republican candidate's derogatory wordsabout women ring throughthe soundtrack over top of dramatic music. Thisrepresentation of the relationship between body imageandpublic figures suggests the detrimental influence Trump's criticism of half of the country's population has overyoung Americans and confirms thatClinton will stand bywomen rather than insult them.

Catch the first presidential debateMonday, September 26th at 9PM EST

Clinton and Trump go head-to-head this week in the first presidential debate, which will air on all major broadcast and cable news networks. As the two presidential candidates battle it out alone on stage for the first time, it is important to consider the impact their words have on the young people living in the United States.

Although those under 18 cannot yet vote, they do listen to each candidate's claims, so spend your vote wisely onthe presidential candidate whosewords will shape our country's young minds in an uplifting, prosperousway.

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