Hillary Clinton raised some eyebrows recently when she was addressing the Laborers International Union of North America meeting in Las Vegas via conference call, according to the Daily Caller. While inveighing against Donald Trump’s support for right to work laws, she demanded, in an alarming, screaming tone of voice, “Now, having said all of this, why aren’t I 50 points ahead you might ask?” The video is below.

Currently, some polls show Clinton narrowly ahead while others show Trump narrowly ahead, so the media is calling the presidential race a tie, but with the momentum behind the Republican candidate. Hillary Clinton’s lament illuminates the Democratic candidate’s sense of entitlement and her confusion as to why the American electorate is not bending the knee before her en masse.

Clinton’s major problem is that she does not recognize that she needs to make a case for her election to the presidency.

From her standpoint, the case should be self-evidence. Only someone who belongs in the basket of deplorables would ever support that capitalist exploiter Donald Trump.

The last presidential candidate who was ever 50 points ahead was likely the first president, George Washington, who after all led the Continental Army to victory and secured American independence. In modern times, not even in landslide elections has anyone gotten close to 50 percent ahead.

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In 1964, Lyndon Johnson beat Barry Goldwater by a little more than 22 points. In 1972 Richard Nixon stomped George McGovern by about 23 points. In 1984, Ronald Reagan barely edged out Walter Mondale by about 18 points.

While questions swirl about Clinton’s physical health, her mental stability may be a subject of concern. If she loses to Donald Trump, her staff should be on notice to keep her away from sharp objects.

The shock of such a rejection by the American people at the hands of someone like Trump may be too much for Clinton to bear.

What the union members thought of the larger than life visage of Hillary Clinton yelling at them, like a parody of the Apple Computer “1984” ad can only be imagined. They must wonder who is the one who lacks temperament to be president.


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