In between coughing fits, Hillary Clinton was able to say a few words about the issues, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Unfortunately, her words were as alarming as her simulation of hacking up a lung. She told an audience in Tampa, Florida that “climate change” was responsible for Hurricane Hermine, a small, category one storm that passed across Florida and then marched up the East Coast.

In one sense Clinton is correct. The climate changes so that from the middle of summer to the middle of fall, storms start to form in the Atlantic and, in some cases, wreak havoc on the east and gulf coasts of the United States. But this phenomenon has nothing to do with the amount of carbon that humans are pumping into the atmosphere. Hurricanes have been around at least since people have sailed the Atlantic and very likely before, long before the industrial revolution.

They will be around long after the world migrates to a fusion energy economy and fossil fuels are no longer burned for electricity. In fact, global warming is supposed to increase and not decrease the frequency and fury of hurricanes.

The tendency of some global warming advocates to blame every bad thing, from hurricanes to the rise of ISIS, on climate change is one thing that informs skepticism that the phenomenon even exists or, if it does, that is all that serious a matter.

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The fact that Clinton has just gotten a big campaign plane, with a correspondingly big carbon footprint, suggests that she secretly agrees with the sentiment. She is a climate change advocate in public but is also a climate change “denier” where her personal convenience is concerned.

Another bit of evidence that climate change is a made-up issue, like unisex bathrooms, is that the solutions offered to the phantom problem tend to deprive people of their liberty, comfort, and prosperity.

People are expected to give up their air conditioners and SUVs and pay through the nose for renewable energy because, after all, no price is too steep where saving the planet is concerned.

And the careers of individual politicians for that matter.

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