Hillary Clinton made a speech in Cleveland where she excoriated Donald Trump and touted her fitness to be president. But her coughing fit at the beginning, the latest of many, overshadowed her message and caused the media to start questioning Clinton’s health, according to the Washington Examiner. So far, Team Hillary has been able to pass off questions about the candidate’s health as the ravings of right wing fanatics and Trump supporters.

But the series of coughing fits and fainting spells have piled up so that even the mainstream media is starting to take notice.

To be sure, Team Hillary has released an evaluation of her health by her personal physician that stated that she is quite recovered from the concussion and subsequent blood clot in the brain she suffered several years ago. And, of course, she did nothing wrong with the email server and there was no pay for play operation between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

The event was a rare one for Clinton, who has spent most of the month of August hobnobbing with her wealthy backers at fund raisers and not at rallies with ordinary people. Her campaign style has tended to be leisurely, as opposed to the frantic pace set by her opponent Donald Trump. She has refused to go to Louisiana to comfort flood victims nor has responded to the invitation to visit Mexico by that country’s president, both of which Trump has done.

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She had chosen friendly, unstressfull audience where she is unlikely to be challenged.

All the rising clamor about Hillary Clinton’s health may be sound and fury signifying nothing. On the other hand, the candidate has a well-deserved reputation for blatant dishonesty about every other subject. If she is hiding a potentially serious health problem, who would know outside of her inner circle?

Clearly, given the history of candidates and even sitting presidents hiding health problems, Clinton needs to put the matter to rest by subjecting herself to examination by an independent board of physicians.

If she is telling the truth and she does not have any issues, that would be the end of it. On the other hand, if she refuses the suggestion, voters would be invited to draw their own conclusions.


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