The FBI artfully dumped the account of its interview with Hillary Clinton on the media on the eve of the Labor Day weekend, when most people were planning their last vacations before the fall. It may not have mattered. The contents were so astonishing that they might sink Clinton’s chances of becoming president and at the same time call into question the Bureau’s credibility in recognizing when a high official has committed criminal acts.

At the core of the firestorm that has resulted in the latest revelation is the many times Clinton used the “I do not recall” defense in response to many of the questions. That is a standard Washington ploy to perjure oneself without seeming to do so. However, the trick leaves her open to accusations by the Donald Trump Campaign that she is a woman who is too unhealthy to assume the office of the presidency.

The rest of the session describes a comic opera story of smashed and missing smartphones, a porn phishing incident, a security briefing that Clinton signed for and yet does not recall having, and not knowing that the letter “C” means that a document is classified., The portrait that emerges is of an operation during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state that seems clueless of the best practices of security in a cyber age.

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Team Clinton has tried to paint Donald Trump as someone too dangerous to be allowed access to the Oval Office, citing the off-putting comments he has made over the months of the campaign. But it will be hard pressed to explain why Hillary Clinton, a woman who has been in public office for decades, is not either too incompetent or too dishonest to hold any office of trust.

If Trump becomes president, one of the first things his Attorney General is going to have to do is to investigate why the FBI declined to recommend a prosecution given what we know of Clinton’s dangerous antics during her years as secretary of state.

That he or she will also have to reopen the Clinton matter also goes almost without saying. If Clinton cannot overcome sliding poll numbers, that is the bleak future that awaits her.

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