The rumors of Hillary Clinton’s health problems suddenly leaped from the conspiratorial musings of Donald Trump supporters to open media speculation after the presidential candidate left the 9/11 ceremonies early, complaining of overheating. She was seen in the video below being propped up against a concrete barrier. When she tried to enter a black SUV, she wobbled then collapsed and then, as Hot Air put it, was tossed into the vehicle like “a side of beef.” Clinton was taken to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to rest.

She appeared briefly on the street outside, claiming she was okay and posed for a photo op with a little girl who had been strategically position there for that purpose. Then Ms. Clinton was whisked away to her home in Chappaqua without any of the traveling media.

The speculation in the media, both social and on cable TV, was gone to Def Con One. Explanations range from an adverse reaction to medication to the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

Team Clinton is not saying anything at this time, aside from the overheated spin. But clearly, something is wrong with the candidate. In fact, some are wondering when Clinton is going to be forced to step down in favor of her running mate Tim Kaine.

Certainly, as least of this writing, we’re not there yet. But the standard response that speculation about Ms. Clinton’s ill health is just the sexist ravings of the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy is no longer going to cut it.

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Now media organizations such as the Washington Post and the New York times are demanding answers.

To be sure, no one watching the video and offering speculations has examined Ms. Clinton. But we also know that this incident is the latest in a long series of events that suggests that the candidate is too ill to become president but is running anyway because, well, if she does not become the first woman president, what was it all for?

Offering just a tad more uninformed speculation, one wonders if Hillary Clinton is willing to kill herself by running for president because the alternative, such as bowing out and attended to her health, is just unthinkable. If there is anything to that theory, it suggests that she is mentally as well as physically incapable of being the most powerful woman in the world. 

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