Hillary Clintononce again sent out a graphic message to the public that she is not well when she had to be helped away from the New York 9/11 Memorial Service. One of the reporters who covered the story was Monica Alba a producer at NBC who is covering the Clinton election trail.

She posted up the news on Twitter that Clinton was ill and would not be traveling to California on Monday or Tuesday. According to Alba, Clinton is safely at home inChappaqua where she is resting.

Unconfirmed reports Clinton went to hospital

There were unconfirmed reports that Hillary was actually in hospital but a report by the Wall Street Journal said that this is incorrect.

They said that after about 90 minutes at the ceremony Clinton was helped into a van as she was having difficulty walking. She then apparently went to her daughter's New York City apartment and two hours later walked out unassisted. “I’m feeling great,” she said. “It’s a beautiful day in New York.”

Detractors don't believe pneumonia diagnosis

Clinton's Doctor Lisa Bardack has apparently put Clinton's recent health problems down to allergiesbut now it has emerged that on Friday she was apparently diagnosed with pneumonia.

Clinton detractors have been calling for full disclosure of her "real"health problems and do not seem to be swallowing the diagnosis of pneumonia. In response to the Wall Street Journal report, commentators discussed their skepticism that Clinton just had pneumonia. One comment went as far to speculate that she has been sick and has something to hide, as she was wearing an overcoat in August at Martha's Vineyard in temperatures of mid to high80's.

" I was wondering what kind of medical device was she hiding or covering up." he wrote.

Another said that Hillary looked "terrible" before the event, and speculated that "there is something seriously wrong with her, but she is so determined to get to the WH as the first female President, she will not yield to common sense."

The general theme coming through is that it is not a crime to have pneumonia, and if she really has pneumonia, why not just tell everyone noFriday, which might at least have garnered her some public sympathy?

The trouble is, others complain, is that Hillary lies and nobody believes her anymore. Because she did not make a public announcement about pneumonia, detractors believe she has something else to hide and the pneumoniaepisode could be a fraud. "After all, if your(sic) merely sick, what is there to hide? What is there to prove?" asked another reader.

Speculation Hillary using double to hide health issues

While speculation increases, some people even think that she might be using a double. She went into Chelsea's apartment unable to walk unaided and came out a few hours later as if nothing had happened. These questions and allegations are being asked on Twitter, and while Twitter is not a source of gospel truth news, it is one place where people can have their say.

This is what some of them are saying about the possibility that Clinton might be using a double.

The video of the episode at the memorial which was posted up on YouTube by Panda News is claimed to be genuine and real footage. In it, Clinton is helped into the van and if you watch her feet she is staggering and almost falls into the vehicle.

After a few hours rest would you walk out waving as though nothing had happened?

This has furthered speculation that she is using a double to cover up her health issues. Is there any truth in this? Some people on twitter have pointed out that she was hustled away with lots of security personnel but when she emerged from the apartment there were no bodyguards around her. Also, others ask, who in their right mind goes out for a stroll after collapsing from pneumonia?

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