Ever since the start of the 2016 election cycle, there's been various conspiracies that have floated around about nearly all the candidates involved. One conspiracy that hasn't had much credible evidence behind it has been the health of Hillary Clinton, despite a scary moment in New York City on Sunday morning.

Clinton health scare

In recent weeks, one area that Donald Trump and his campaign have focused on is the apparently poor health of the Democratic nominee. Various right-wing news outlets, like Breitbart News and Info Wars, have ran stories claiming that Clinton is possibly hiding a serious medical issue, though no further sources have backed up their assertions.

Trump has brought the Clinton health questions into the mainstream, and despite their conspiratorial nature, matters were made worse after she was caught camera appearing to faint while entering a van following her attendance at the September 11 memorial. As reported by The Hill, those on the political right who were cheering for a possible worst case scenario were dealt a hard blow by Clinton's doctor.

In a statement released by Dr. Lisa R. Bardack, Clinton has been "experiencing a cough related to allergies," and was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. Despite the diagnosis, Clinton was put on antibiotics and decided to attend the September 11 memorial less than 24 hours later.After feeling "overheated," campaign aides escorted Clinton to an exit van, where she nearly collapsed before being helped inside.

Bardack concluded her statement by noting that Clinton was now "re-hydrated and recovering nicely." Clinton was seen just hours later smiling and waving to the crowd while leaving her daughter's nearby apartment.

Modified schedule

Clinton's recent schedule is as packed as a presidential candidate could make it, with appearances, campaign rallies, and fundraisers occurring on an almost daily basis.

Due to her recent medical episode, the Clinton campaign is reportedly reconsidering future events. ABC News confirmed that Clinton's upcoming stops in San Francisco and Los Angles could be rescheduled.

Election update

According to the latest rolling average from Real Clear Politics, the former Secretary of State is leading the billionaire real estate mogul by three points on a national level, but it's her advantage in swing states that has surprised many.

Clinton has jumped ahead in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, among others, all important states that Trump must win back in order to open more doors to a possible Election Day victory.

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