Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off inthe first presidential debateMonday night at Hofstra University. The Democratic presidential nominee came into the evening well-prepared and obliterated her opponent at every given opportunity. One of her most powerful statements came when addressing Trump's mistreatment of women after the Republican candidate suggested that the secretarydoes not possess the stamina to be president. Clinton replied to Trump's claim with an account ofhowAlicia Machado, the Miss Universe winner in 1996, suffered unwarranted criticism about her body from the outspoken billionaire.

Pageant winner and voting American citizen Alicia Machado.

By bringing up Alicia Machado in response toTrump's revolting comments about women and theirbodies, Clinton caught her competitor off guard and left him visibly shaken throughout the debate night. The trailblazing female politician explained how Trump has called women "pigs, slobs and dogs"as well as disapproved of maternity leave and equal pay.Once she finished contextualizing his disapprovalofover half of the United States' population, she went on to explain thehurtful comments he made toward Machado during her time in the beautycontest. Clinton unveiled that Trump dubbed Machado "Miss Piggy" during the competition and referred to her as "Miss Housekeeping" as well because she is Latina.

The historic presidential candidate finished off her statement by reminding Trump that the victim of his verbal abuse is also an American citizenwho will be voting in November.

Looking ahead to the next presidential debate.

The first debate between Clinton and Trump served as a crucial moment in the 2016 presidential racefor many reasons although it most notably singled the Republican candidate out as prejudiced and overall unprepared.

By putting a kind, innocent face to Trump's hateful words both during the televised conversation and a subsequent Facebook video, Clinton is making progress in uncovering the business man'sunacceptable ways and earning her titleas the woman to stand beside. Thenext two debatesare expected to produce the same amount of shocking, memorable moments and lead up to America's decision to choose her most qualified leader this November.

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