Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced back to back questioning by NBC’s Commander in Chief forum on board the Intrepid Museum before an audience of veterans. Both were put on the defensive by pointed questions by both Matt Lauer and some of the audience. But, in the end, Clinton came off the worst, primarily because she had a lot of explaining to do for her record and had few if any real answers, according to the Washington Examiner.

Clinton stumbled under relentless fire for her email server scandal, her vote to authorize the war in Iraq, and her past assertion that nothing was wrong with the Veterans Administration. She also asserted that no Americans died in Libya, forgetting about the four Americans who were murdered in Benghazi by Al Qaeda terrorists. She vowed that she would allow no boots on the ground in Iraq or Syria to fight ISIS, ignoring the thousands of troops President Barack Obama has already deployed in both countries.

Trump came off calmer and more self-assured, but he too gave some answers that were off-putting. He was clearly dishonest about being against the war in Iraq from the beginning. He also defended the praise he got from Russia’s Vladimir Putin and a 2013 tweet in which he blamed sexual assaults in the military on gender integration. Some found his statement that generals had been “reduced to rubble” alarming as well.

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Still, on points, Trump won the night because he did not have a record as an office holder to defend. Clinton did not give a proper accounting for her many mistakes as secretary of state or as a United States senator. The email server scandal continues to be a cancer upon her quest for the presidency.

Trump had entered the forum from a well-received speech in which he laid out a plan to rebuild the military in the wake of Obama-era budget cuts.

His intention to be more circumspect in using military force, at least after he destroys ISIS, was met with approval as well. Both the speech and the forum, the latter in comparison with Clinton, went a long way toward cementing Trump as a plausible president of the United States,  

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