Earlier this week it was reported that Hillary Clinton has an ambulance at all times with her in her motorcade and the gurney is rolled out and she sits behind stage at her rallies. It is always at the ready in case it is needed, which is not something traditionally done on the campaign trail with past candidates. Just as Hillary's health concerns are under the microscope, she collapsed at a 9/11 memorial on Sunday morning and was whisked off by her camp.Thebreaking News Sunday afternoon is: Hillary Clinton haspneumonia, according to FOX News live.

Chariot is ambulance?

InforWars reported recently that Hillary is the only presidential candidate to have an ambulance intheir motorcade, Donald Trumpdoes not have one, but that is probably because his health is not in jeopardy. The Raw Story is claiming to have debunked the information offered from InfoWars,as they state that a quick Google search does show that an ambulance is indeed part of a president's motorcade. But that is not what InfoWars had stated. They said that an ambulance has never been part of a presidential candidate's motorcade, so basically InfoWars appears to be correct with their reporting.

First on campaign

It appears that Hillaryis battling some sort ofhealth problem, which became evident again today at the 9/11 event when she needed numerous aides to hold her up and put her in the van. The videos taken of the incident have Hillary looking as if her muscles turned to rubber as she could not stand or move on her ownand her head bobbed from side to side as if she lost control of the muscles that are used to hold her head upright.

You can see this in the video that is embedded in the tweet below:

The motorcade whisked Hillary to Chelsea Clinton's home, which wasn't far from the event. Her camp has since reported that Hillary Clinton feltoverheatedso she decided to leave the event early and head over to her daughter's apartment. This incident looked much more serious than just Hillary becoming hot, as some media outlets suggested.

Although if this incident was a major health crisis she would have been transported to the hospital instead of Chelsea's place.

She 'collapsed'

Fox Newslive on Sunday reports that Clinton "seemingly collapsed" as it took the help of several people to get her into the van as she kept stumbling. As you can see in the video above, she could not do this on her own accord, she didn't appear to have the strength. In contrast to Hillary, other women at the 9/11 event and along the summer campaign trail are dressed in cool sleeveless attire or at least they are donning light short sleeve tops

Hillary on the other hand is continuing to wear pants suits which involves layering a jacket over a shirt.

Just to look at her, she looks hot in those clothes and not in the enticing sense of the word! She was covered from neck to foot in clothes that must have made her swelter in the heat.

Hillary's own ambulance

You can see in the video below that Hillary's entourage includes a fully staffed ambulance. The paramedics are seen rolling the gurney out from the ambulance to a place behind the stage where they sit and wait in case a need for medical attention comes up!

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