Hillary Clinton, a candidate for president of the United States, shocked the nation by leaving a ceremony to commemorate 9/11 early and collapsing while trying to enter an SUV. She attempted to project a picture of health outside her daughter Chelsea’s apartment, even hugging a small child as part of a photo op. Then, Clinton was whisked away to her home of Chappaqua to recover what her campaign finally admitted was pneumonia, an infectious and potentially deadly disease, which she was diagnosed with, it is said, on Friday.

She has canceled a campaign swing to the west coast, according to the UK Daily Mail.

While everyone of good will must pray for Clinton’s complete recovery, people must wonder why she chooses to be so irresponsible. Pneumonia is not a disease to be trifled with. It can kill the old and the very young, hence the shock that she exposed a child to it by coming in close contact with her.

The incident and its aftermath took place on the heels of Clinton consigning half of Donald Trump supporters to the “basket of deplorables” for a whole host of bigotries, exposing a while room of well-heeled donors to her disease.

She walked back the statement, only conceding that she should not have said “half.” One of the symptoms of pneumonia is impaired judgment.

The diagnosis of pneumonia also calls into question Hillary Clinton’s ability to continue as a presidential candidate. The period of recovery from the disease can be measured in weeks and not days for someone of her age. The folks in the Democratic Party formerly smoked filled rooms must be getting ready to commit suicide.

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Democratic Party

By nominating Clinton, they may have handed the country to the most improbable of presidential candidates, Donald Trump.

As a practical matter, removing Clinton as a candidate while she has the will, if not entirely the ability, to continue may be impossible. Who to replace her with would be a tangle as well. Would it be Tim Kaine, her running mate? What about Bernie Sanders, who got the votes of a lot of Democrats?

Even Vice President Joe Biden is said to be tanned, ready, and rested.

What seemed to be an easy victory a month ago is not seeming problematic.

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