Technology giant, Google, is in discussions with top mobile operators about rolling out Google-branded Smartphones that is slated to extend the firm’s move into hardware. The company blasted the press recently with invites for a mega event to be held on the 4th of October in San Francisco. However, this may or may not be released under the brand Nexus, according to sources at "The Verge."

The internet giant uploaded a short teaser video on YouTube, which exhibits the date, a Smartphone in the shape of a rectangle, and the company logo ‘G’. They have not yet confirmed the names of the phones, but multiple reports pouring in,hint that they will choose the ‘G’ logo instead of the Nexus name.

The invite states that the event begins at 9AM Pacific Time and will be live streamed at

What can you expect from Google Smartphones?

According to a report published on "Android Police," the world will be seeing the release of two Pixel phones in addition to Google Home- a Wi-Fi speaker that also functions as a Smartphone control hub and an assistant for the entire family. It can be used to manage your every-day tasks effectively, playback entertainment all through your house, and also pose some questions to Google. The phones will also have a Daydream Virtual Reality feature along with a Chromecast that has the capacity of 4K playback. The report also cited that the phones will be built by HTC, which will be available in two versions: a 5 inch and a 5.5-inch model, referred to in rumors as the ‘Pixel’ and the ‘Pixel XL’ respectively.

The ‘Pixel’ model is anticipated to be more expensive and includes features exclusive to Google. It has a price tag of $650 as seen on some leaked photos.

Views on the phones by Google CEO

Speaking about the Nexus model in the early part of this year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that the firm would be additionally ‘opinionated’ about the phones’ design.

He also stated that these Smartphones would have some extra features when compared to the Nexus phones. Pichai also said that Google plans to work with other manufacturers besides Taiwan-based HTC.

Google could be fined for this

This development in the field of Google Smartphones could tot up an extra dimension to claims by EU that the company has abused their dominance of Android.

Google was charged with monopoly abuse in April 2016 by the European Commission, accusing them of using the success of Google Play Store and Android to push their Chrome web browser and search engine. The commission has the efficacy to fine Google as high as 10% of their revenue.

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