While Facebook has been working their fingers to the bone to integrate bots with Messenger, Google took a plunge ahead to build a messaging app which is worth a download. A major selling point of this app is that users can pose questions to the Google Assitant while remaining in the chat, which eliminates the need to jump around Apps.

The Google blog states that users do not have to leave the conversation with their loved ones just to share their favorite YouTube video, grab an address, or choose a dinner spot. All they need to do is type @google and the ‘Assistant’ will be there to help them out.

It’s also possible for users to hold a one-to-one chat session with the ‘Assistant’ in Allo.

What’s so unique about Google Allo?

Google Allo is similar to the majority of mobile chat apps that permit you to chit chat with friends through an amalgamation of images, texts, fancy stickers, and emoticons. However, this unique messaging platform offers a viable environment for artificial intelligence and bots. And, Allo, which the company started introducing in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on Wednesday, is sure to give other messaging apps a run for their money.

You can easily communicate with other users on Google Allo and can also send standard SMS texts to people who are not using the app.

Furthermore, it’s free and works on iOS and Android devices.

Another unique thing about Allo is that you can get Google to send information like price, stock, news, etc. simply by typing ‘subscriptions.' Although it’s in its nascent stage, the ‘Assistant’ shows a lot of promise and can handle multiple tasks, show sports scores and news headlines, supply directions, play trivia, let you know the status of your flightand more.

Smart reply buttons

While chatting with your friends or even the ‘Assistant,’ the app offers smart answer suggestions, which make the job easier. For instance, when discussing the food that you like, one of the intelligent reply choices you’ll see is, “I’m vegetarian”.

The smart answer suggestions are also triggered by images since Google can easily identify flowers, landmarks, animals, or other items that might be in a picture.

This feature is best used when there isn’t enough time to give a full response.

Google Allo is still in its early days but looks to have a promising future.

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