From today, Facebook will share your WhatsApp data ie your contacts. This follows after the high court of Delhi permitted WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. According to the order given by the high court, WhatsApp is not permitted to share the user data which was generated before September 25th. The court has instructed WhatsApp to delete the data completely from its servers if the customer deletes his or her WhatsApp account before that date.

Privacy policy update

According to WhatsApp’s blog, the company is updating its privacy policy after 4 years.


This is part of its strategy to facilitate ways people will be communicating with businesses in the future. They will notify every customer on the latest version and you will be required to tap 'Agree' to accept the latest updated privacy terms. WhatsApp has also rolled out end-to-end encryption. This means that whenever you and the people you communicate with use the latest version of whatsApp to send messages, only you can read the message. They also guarantee not to share the customer's numbers with other peoples on Facebook, including advertisers.

According to the relevant sources, Facebook and WhatsApp will be able to track their basic metric on how people often use their system, and they will be in a better position to fight spam on WhatsApp. You will be able to get a better friend suggestion on Facebook and better ads if you have a facebook account. WhatsApp has assured its users the time it was bought several years ago  that customer data will remain entirely private. Many customers are angry and worried that some of their most private information on their chat could be compromised during this process.


How to opt out

Here are the two ways of how to opt out of the new terms. The first and simplest is not to accept the new privacy terms. When you open whatsApp and see a pop up emerge, don’t click Agree. Instead, click the bottom “read more” option, then unclick the box that says “share my whatsApp information with Facebook."

If you have already agreed to the new terms, you can still opt out within 30 days. This is how to do it. Press the account tab on the settings menu in the app.

You will find a ‘share my account info’ button, and you can nullify your permission to share.

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