The grind of a presidential election is a difficult process, and it takes its toll on candidates in many different ways. For Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, she reportedly suffered a side effect of overheating during a September 11 memorial on Sunday morning.

Clinton down

Over the last few weeks, Republican nominee Donald Trump has pushed conspiracy theories that Clinton is hiding a serious medical condition from the public. Despite no credible evidence backing up his claim, Trump and the rest of the GOP have continued to hammer home the conspiracies. Even more questions were raised when Clinton took time to honor those lost on 9/11 at a memorial ceremony in New York.

As originally reported by Fox News on September 11, Clinton appeared to suffer an alleged "medical episode."

After informing those around her that she was feeling "overheated," Clinton appeared to faint as her "knees buckled" getting into her van around 10 a.m. local time. Fox News reported that the former Secretary of State was rushed out of the area, losing her show in the process, leaving her traveling reporters behind. A spokesperson for the campaign has confirmed that Clinton was simply "overheated,' but said that she is now "feeling much better."With the storyreported by Fox News, many have questioned the details of the reporting, some of which have not been confirmed as of press time.

Fox News is known to often takesa negative view of Clinton, especially during their right-wing primetime opinion shows.

Conspiracy theories

Right-wing news outlets like Brietbart News have often used questionable sources to claim Clinton conspiracies about her health, which the Trump campaign have used as the backbone to their anti-Clinton rhetoric.

One of the loudest voices pushing the Clinton health stories is former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, though many have raised their own questions about his health in recent weeks, While Clinton appeared to suffer common heat exhaustion, it's expected that her political opponents will use the story to further push their agenda.

Moving forward

According to the latest rolling average from Real Clear Politics, Clinton is leading the former host of "The Apprentice" by only three points on a national level, though she has pulled ahead in key swing states, including Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and Colorado. With Trump's poll numbers at historic lows with minority voters, Clinton is expected to win in a near landslide victory in November unless a major collapse occurs.

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