Makayla Smith, 22, received the terror related charges after posing as a creepy clown on Facebook to threaten pupils at a local high school. The incident happened on September 15, when a group who called themselves the “Flomo Klowns,” sparked panic by threatening pupils at two local schools. After the threats appeared on Facebook, authorities in Atmore thought it best to close both the Flomaton High School and Flomaton Elementary School in Alabama. 30 police officers and several FBI agents reportedly scoured the school grounds in an attempt to find the suspects.

According to "IBT,"the threats were posted to the “Flomo Klowns” Facebook group page and reportedly displayed gun emojis on the posts.

Reportedly one of the posts read, “It’s going down tonight,” causing parents to panic and contact the local authorities. Authorities tracked the posts down to Smith, who had been allegedly using both the “Flomo Klown” and another group under the name of “Shoota Cllown” on Facebook to threaten the pupils.

Two juveniles arrested in the "Flomo Klowns" incident.

Two unnamed juveniles were also reportedly arrested in the incident and could be charged as adults. "" reports that the judge told Smith that if she pays the $200,000 bond set, she will be free to go home, but will not be allowed to use any electronic device with access to the Internet.

Escambia County Schools Superintendent John Knott said that the images posted on the Facebook group page were “horrible.” Knott said they need to get the message out to their students to not engage with groups like this on Facebook, saying that threats received by students in recent weeks will not be taken lightly.

Only the latest in a string of clown pranks.

While Stephen King fans get excited over the upcoming film adaptation of his novel “It,” people seem to be going a little clown crazy. There have been several incidents of people dressing as clowns and allegedly threatening young people and children. August included reports of people in clown costumes attempting to lure kids into a forest area of Greenville, South Carolina.

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