The FBI warned the staff working for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that they are prime targets for foreign spies. In separate briefings, the FBI first met with Trump's staffers and then they held the same briefing for the staff working for Hillary Clinton. It was during these security briefings that the FBI not only passed down these warnings to all involved, but they offered an explanation as to why they believe they may be in jeopardy of foreign spies targeting them.

Warning of foreign spies

This FBI Warning comes on the heels of suspected hacking into the state voting systems both in Arizona and Illinois. It is believed the Russians are behind the hacks, like the one in Arizona, where the hackers attempted to access the voting system, but they failed. The hackers were successful in Illinois where they stole information on the voters in the Illinois voting system. The FBI told those who attended the briefings that they are possibly facing "espionage efforts from Russia," reports ABC News.


Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's transition teams are housed in the same building, which is not far from the White House. This is where the FBI held the two briefings for the candidates' staff. Russia is under the impression that the United States has tried to manipulate the voting outcome for their elections and apparently what is good for the goose is good for the gander is their mindset when attempting these hacks.

'Low-level' staff security briefings

The staff working for Trump and Hillary were told that these briefings were voluntary and held for "low-level staffers" through all presidential elections. They told the staff to be careful of the new people they may meet both while they are in Washington and when traveling to other places. These spies may attempt to gain access to national secrets and attempt to manipulate the outcome of the up-and-coming elections in November, as well as the state elections around the nation.

It is a warning they expect the staff for both candidates to heed!

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