Falcon 9 shocked Florida

A Falcon 9 rocket exploded on the launch pad during a pre-launch test Thursday morning. The incident occurred at 9.07 AM local time and consisted of a strong explosion that shook the Launch Space Complex 40 and the surroundings of Cape Canaveral, Florida. According to Business Insider,Florida residents compared the explosion with a lightning strike that shook the doors and windows across several kilometers. Immediately after the powerful sound, on the horizon people could see a cloud of smoke that began to take over the sky.

The authorities have analyzed the air and concluded there is no danger to the citizens.Safety measures taken each time during such preliminary tests consist in the total evacuation of personnel from the pad, thus casualties were not recorded.

Zuckerberg's disappointment

This standard test firing was done because the Falcon 9 rocket launch was scheduled for this weekend. Its mission was to bring the AMOS-6 satellite into orbit, which belongs to the Spacecom company. TheAMOS-6 satellite that cost $200 million, was supposed to be used, among other things, by Mark Zuckerberg in his ambitious project, internet.org, that aims to provide Internet connection in developing countries such as those in Africa.

At the time of the tragedy, Zuckerberg was in Africa.Later he said in a Facebook post that he feels deeply disappointed by this loss, but he will not give up on his project, which will be carried out through other methods such as Aquila. The cause of this disaster seems to result from an abnormality around the upper oxygen tank during propellant loading. The exact cause it is unknownas yet but SpaceX will analyze debris from the rocket and launch pad in order to findexactly what went wrong.

Looking at the future

Falcon 9 explosion is the second big bang event that took place in SpaceX history. The first tragedy was in 2015 when a Falcon 9 rocket loaded with supplies for the International Space Station, exploded shortly after takeoff. However, SpaceX has a success rate of 93%, managing to launch and land the Falcon 9 six times on the ground and sea. The main advantage consists in the possibility of reusing the Falcon 9 first stage, which allowed SpaceX to have lower prices than the competition and thus have more contracts for launch services.After this incident, Elon Musk will improve the Falcon 9 and will continue towards fulfilling his dream of sending humans to Mars by 2025 because Elon Musk is a visionary and genius who has the capability to successfully overcome any failure.

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