During the campaigning for the presidential election, both candidates have touted immigration and environmental issues. Although the candidates have separated the issues, immigration reform is key to ensuring environmental sustainability, a new report said.

Last week, the Federation for American Immigration Reform reported that the growing population in the United States is the reason the country is unable to reach environmental goals. Immigration is driving America's population growth. The American government and the winner of the presidential election should conduct an environmental impact study on U.S.

immigration policy, according to the report. The U.S. government has not done an EIS on immigration before now.

Stabilize population, FAIR says

The report also recommends that the United States set a goal on leveling out the population. This recommendation was first suggested 50 years ago and was revived under President Clinton. However, the idea is controversial. Church groups would oppose any requirements that would for a reduction in the population.

In addition, FAIR suggests that the government allow entrants who are immediate family members and not extended family. The suggestion lists spouse and minor children. All others would have to denied, the report said. The numbers of people allowed to enter this country should go down from 1.25 million per year to 300,000 annually, FAIR reported.

Population causes environmental problems

All over the world, the growing population on Earth is leading to environmental problems. For example, in China and India, the great numbers of people have led to issues affecting water and air pollution. Because there are no water and wastewater treatment systems in many areas, people are living in filth.

They also are dying from diseases that could be cured with clean drinking water. Other areas with large populations are fighting over water in areas with excessive droughts. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, population growth is the cause for a shortage in food supply. In a few years, feeding the world population will be exceedingly difficult to manage.

These are reasons why FAIR issued its report for American environmental sustainability.

Candidates tout immigration plans

Both presidential candidates have latched onto immigration as the main topic of the election. Hillary Clinton wants to work with foreign countries to address immigration issues while Donald Trump wants to prevent people from entering this country. Regardless of which candidate wins the election, FAIR said it's time to act now on immigration reduction to ensure sustainability.

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