Sen Elizabeth Warren. D-Mass., presents herself as Hillary Clinton’s warmest supporter. But, as the Nation reported, she has also served her favorite candidate notice that she will not allow her to appoint any of her Wall Street backers to high-level government positions, especially the cabinet. In effect, Warren is claiming veto power on Clinton’s appointments even before the candidate is elected president.

Rhetorically Clinton and Warren are on the same page where it comes to the relationship between the government and the private sector. They both believe that business needs to be reined in with a heavy hand with high taxes and detailed regulations. Clinton and Warren are especially caustic about what they see are the machinations of Wall Street and the big banks.

The two woman politicians have one crucial difference, though.

Warren really means it.

Clinton has surrounded herself with Wall Street backers who have contributed generously to the Clinton Foundation and her campaign. In return, they expect special favors of the sort that Clinton doled out when she was secretary of state when she became president. Warren, who has extreme reservations about capitalism and the free market, knows this and desires to be a check on that tendency of her candidate.

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Warren is only one senator, but she has an outsized ability to make mischief for a second Clinton administration should she choose to do so. It is increasingly likely that the Republicans are going to hold onto the Senate, which means that they will have a say over approving any of her appointments. If Clinton nominates anyone that the Republicans don’t like, and he or she happens to be affiliated with the finance industry, Warren could provide some left-wing cover to what otherwise might be considered partisan obstruction.

Clinton could appease Warren by confining her appointments to left-wing academics. On the other hand, she could cut deals with Republicans by appointing more middle of the road people and making other concessions that will circumnavigate Warren.

Of course, all of the above speculation is moot if Donald Trump wins, which will cause another dynamic entirely.  

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