There is a fine line between right and wrong on most occasions, but Edward Snowden’s case is not one of them. He is single-handedly responsible for changing the way we perceive surveillance and national security, after taking a huge risk and revealing some of NSA’s biggest secrets to the public. He has since gone into hiding in order to avoid a potential three-decade jail time, and is now in Moscow, making his case to the public so that he can come back home.


The big reveal

In 2013, Edward Snowden realized that the NSA was breaking several laws with regard to privacy and mass surveillance in order spy on potential threats, and he felt obligated to share this information with the media so that the public becomes aware of these infringements. He went on to leak thousands of sensitive files to the media, and was therefore accused of violating the Espionage Act.


In order to avoid facing legal charges for his crime, Snowden sought asylum in Russia and has since been living in Moscow.

It has now been three years since the incident, and with the benefit of hindsight, a lot of people seem to think that Snowden’s actions were completely justified as the NSA was operating like a rogue agency. Several laws have since been amended thanks to the information revealed by Snowden, and the NSA has been put to check.

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Donald Trump

Snowden had this to say while seeking a presidential pardon: “I think when people look at the calculations of benefit, it is clear that in the wake of 2013 the laws of our nation changed. The [US] Congress, the courts and the president all changed their policies as a result of these disclosures. At the same time there has never been any public evidence that any individual came to harm as a result.”

Change in perception

A lot of powerful groups are now lobbying behind Snowden and asking President Obama to grant him a pardon before leaving office.

One of the people on Snowden’s side is Obama’s former attorney general Eric Holder who was quoted saying that Snowden performed a “public service” by revealing the operations of the NSA.

Film maker Oliver Stone is also releasing a movie about Snowden’s controversy this week in order to inform more people about the injustice being imparted on the whistle-blower. Not too long ago, popular television host John Oliver also made a visit to Moscow in order to interview Snowden and reveal the importance of his actions.


Social media has been extremely vocal about their support of Snowden as well, and it now appears the voice of reason is on the young technician’s side.

It is evident that certain laws are set in stone while others can be re-interpreted based on special circumstances, which is why the presidential pardon exists in the first place. If you feel that Snowden deserves to come back to U.S, please contact any congress person and let them know.


You could be saving a person’s life after he risked his own to make yours safer from the NSA. You can also watch one of his earlier interviews from The Guardian below.

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