Donald Trumphas a problem with female voters. According to aWashington Postsurvey, he struggles among college-educated white voters and married women; groups Mitt Romneycarried handily the last election. However, his response to a question about a tweet, as well as some major factual inaccuracies, may prove costly if he wants to make gains in a group of voters he needs to win.

Trump's tweet

The 2013 Tweet in question concerns the problem ofrape in the military; The Tweet isembedded below.

When questioned about it at the#Commander in Chief Forum, he said that the statement was correct though when Matt Lauerasked him if women should be kicked out, he said no.

He did say that the military should come down hard on people convicted of rape. He said that the matter should be handled in military courts. However, many advocacy groups for sexual assault survivors have issues with these courts.

His attempt to defend the Tweet has prompted a backlash on social media accusing him of victim blaming.

Donald Trump on ISIS

Another major point of contention was ISIS and more broadly the Iraq War itself.

When questioned about his remark that he knows more than the generals about the terrorist group, he largely dodged the question and failed to give a straight answer.

"The generals under the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the generals have not been successful," he said.

Trumpthen proceeded to say thatISIScould have been prevented had we "taken the oil," when he was asked about a Tweet where he suggested that America should "bomb the hell out of oil fields" and take the oil.

Twitter promptly noted that such a move would be a violation of international law.

Trump on Iraq War

Trump did get a few digs in onClintonregarding the Iraq War and her vote for it. He claimed that he had always been against the war. However, as Clinton herself noted,Trumpsaid he was for theIraq Warwhen he appeared on theHoward Stern Show in 2002. Audio of this clip will be posted in the comments.

In what is being regarded as a major journalistic failure on the part ofLauer, he never pointed out the lie.

This, along with his constant interrupting of Clinton, during her portion of the debate,is fueling speculation that the Republican is being held to a lower standard.

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