If Donald Trump is elected president, August 31 will be seen as the date when he ensured that history making event happens. First, accepting an invitation from the President of Mexico, he traveled to Mexico City for what amounted to a summit meeting. Watching the joint statement and press conference that followed the hour-long closed-door meeting, one could be forgiven for wondering if one had fallen asleep and woken up in 2017 to find that Trump had been elected president and had learned to conduct himself in a calm, diplomatic fashion.

Trump followed his conquest of Mexico with a speech on immigration in Phoenix Arizona that was an even bigger triumph. He laid out a robust but sensible policy to deal with illegal immigration. Build the wall, search out and eject criminal illegal aliens, biometrics to cut down on visa overstays, and enforce laws already on the books. Gone from Trump’s immigration policy was the mass deportation of all 11 million illegals, an impracticality in any case.

Those people would have to await their fate. No path to legalization or citizenship.

Trump’s critics will nitpick. He and the president of Mexico disagreed over whether payment for the border wall. Some will say he is backsliding from pure illegal immigration reform by dropping mass deportation.

On the other hand, Trump’s trotting out of the “Angel Moms,” parents of people who have been murdered by illegal immigrants was brilliant political theater.

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Donald Trump

He adroitly put a face on his side of the illegal immigration argument, though one can counter that the vast majority of illegals have not committed murder.

Hillary Clinton and her team were caught flat-footed. Clinton tried the quibble that Trump’s whirlwind visit could not make up for a year’s worth of insults and bad behavior. Actually, it does to the extent that he gave the impression that Bad Trump is now in the past and Smart, Good Trump is now running for president.

Team Hillary will not be able to advance the proposition that Trump is too dangerous to be president. As the joke on Twitter is stating, Trump went to Mexico and did not start a war. Hillary has started wars and much to the detriment of America’s position in the world.

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