Out of the smoldering destruction of theIdaho wildfires came the image of a family's three dogs lying on the scorched forest floor guarding the carcass of a fawn that had died in the fire. A neighbor of the family who owns the dogs was checking on his own land after the fire when he came across the dogsand it was this heartwarming scene that prompted him to snap a picture.

Dogs keep guard

The sheepdog was there with her two puppies, patiently waiting as the fawn's lifeless body was just feet away from them.

They were protecting the body of the fawn, according to Louis Armstrong, who took the photo. He said he went back several times throughout the day, and the dogs remained in their same spots.

They warded off predators that came into the area, and they kept this vigil up all day. Armstrong said that the dogs remained with the fawn until after dark. The fawn died in the same fires that destroyed 42 homes in the Kamiah area of northern Idaho, according to WTOP News.com.

Armstrong, who owns 300 acres of land in the area was happy to see his house did not fall victim to the flames.

He credits the "strong fire lines" in the area for keeping his house from disappearing in the inferno that hit that area.

Dogs stay by dead fawn all day

The dogs were spotted by Armstrong on Monday, August 17 after the fires have destroyed much of the surrounding area, according to Yahoo News. While walking the property, he was quite taken back by the dog's unusual behavior regarding the fawn. It was almost as if they had a duty to the young animal to hold a wildlife like a vigil for its carcass.

It remains a mystery today as to why these dogs felt the need to guard the dead fawn as they did, according to Yahoo News.

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