As the Washington Post so aptly put it, people with colorful makeup and weird hair aren’t just involved in the presidential debates. They are out and about in the streets and woods of towns all over America. Police are constantly getting calls about characters dressed up as clowns, trying to lure children into the woods, or running amok with weapons, generally trying to scare everyone who sees them.

Recently in Annapolis, four young students, aged between 7 and 9, told police they saw Creepy clowns around town. While that particular report turned out to be untrue, there have been plenty of other sightings all over the country. While many reports of the creepy clown sightings might also be false, the stories aren’t particularly new. This kind of thing has been going on for years, although admittedly more in the horror movies, or around town on Halloween, but the number of instances are growing.

Creepy clowns are not just about Halloween

Speaking of Halloween, the Post quotes Randy Christensen, president of the World Clown Association, as saying this is a regular, yearly thing for them, especially around Halloween. Christensen said they just try to stay positive, because they – the genuine article – are all about bringing happiness and joy, hope and giggles to their young audiences. He said it really isn’t anything new, but he does wonder if it has anything to do with the current state of America, most likely relating to the U.S.

presidential race.

Nowadays, it’s definitely not just about Halloween. As reported on Blasting News, a school had to go on lock-down after clowns targeted kids on Facebook and a woman and student were arrested for their crime.

Just this week students from York College in Pennsylvania reported that a car full of creepy clowns, and who were possibly armed, had driven through their campus in an effort to terrify students. In Salisbury, Md., police received reports of three people, dressed up as clowns, jumping out of bushes to scare people. Another report out of Lancaster, Ohio, spoke of a woman who was threatened with a knife by a person in a clown costume in her own home.

Clowns must keep trying to make people laugh

Christensen went on to say that these perpetrators are not clowns, they are imposters, and he said professional clowns have had enough. The Cumberland Times-News quotes Tom Holland, who is one of the Shriner clowns, as saying scaring people is not what they are about.

While he admitted some kids do get scared when they see them, the professional clowns understand and give those kids space. Their aim is, of course, to make the kids smile, not scare them half to death. In the meanwhile he is urging his fellow (genuine) clowns to go out and make people laugh, but it is becoming increasingly difficult these days.

You can hear Christensen talking about the issue of Scary Clowns in the video included below.

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