The Cascade Mall shooting, Burlington had thousands of people across the USA desperate for information. Twitter exploded with the #cascademallshooting hashtag as locals tried desperately to find out if their family and friends were safe. The shooting at Macy's by a suspected person of Hispanicethnicity resulted in three dead female victims, one critically injured male and anotherwoman with less life-threatening injuries.

Many people tuned into the live Skagit Police scanner online to verify live information as it came in. Others started to follow the comments on Reddit live stream on the Cascade thread.

Citizens turned to Reddit, Twitter and Police scanners for information

When the killings happened it was suspected that only one shooter was involved, but later, on Reddit and Twitter, it emerged that there might be a second suspect who was described as being a white man with balding head and a goatee.

Reports came in that this person had apparently been seen with the suspected shooter at the movie house.

After the Police responded, numerous reports came in of the suspect attempting to gain entry into houses and garages, but none of them came to anything. Further reports came in that there was a weapon recovered, and unconfirmed Twitter tweets saying that the suspect himself may have actually called the Police.

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It is really not gospel on Twitter, so the radio scanner was definitely a better source of information, as Twitter seemed to descend into allegations that the suspect must be Muslim, an Arab, a gang member and even a man with sexuality issues. Others speculated that the shooter could be alocal as it was reported that he may have called out one of his victim's names.

Police acted professionally and calmly

The type of information the Police scanner produced highlighted just how professionally and calmly the Police dealt with the emergency alert.

Hours after the actual shooting, the Police were still clearing the perimeter and interior parts of the mall. The real-life scenario of the Police is a far cry from the frenzied shouting and adrenalin of the movies. Quick, crisp queries, commands, and responses came back and forth and the sheer professionalism of the Police is a tribute to those people in the front line looking for the suspect and making certain the mall is safe.

The manhunt for the shooter goes on and the tragic deaths of innocent people just out for the night watching the movies or picking up some stuff from the shops before the start of the weekend sinks in. People are angry, saddened and incredulous that this should have happened in therelativelyquiet rural area of Seattle, Washington.

The random shootingof people just going about their business seems to be increasing in the USA, and it is heartbreaking to think of those people who heard the news and then had to stress and worry about the safety of their loved ones.

The victims of the Cascade Mall shooting cannot be brought back, but the exemplary response of the local Police will at least stand as a tribute to those who have lost their lives and their loved ones.

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