Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas sat down with NBC News, according to Real Clear Politics, and expressed his ire with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Essentially Farenthold is mad at Cruz for not supporting Donald Trump for president. Cruz, after all, promised to support the eventual nominee way back when he thought he was going to be that person. So Farenthold says that the junior senator will have to “earn my vote back.” The minor matter of Trump insulting Cruz’s wife and alleging that his dad was involve

Farenthold went on to do the Texas sidestep when the question of primarying Cruz came up.

That question, he said, is up to the voters. However, the question is also up to any Texas politician to decide and the only one who polls well against Cruz, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, expressed supreme disinterest in being in the Senate.

Reading between the lines, in two years, when Cruz is running for reelection, Farenthold, and every other pro-Trump Texas politician will be firmly in his corner, the passions of Election 2016 having been forgotten.

The singular reason for that situation is that whoever is elected president is going to need as much adult supervision as can be managed, which means keeping Cruz in the Senate.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, the great issue of her administration will be when and how fast she should be impeached. Ted Cruz will be a leader in that effort, making the case that the Senate should remove her from office if and when the House passes articles of impeachment.

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Donald Trump

To be sure, Senate Democrats will never vote to remove a president of their own party, even if she strangled a puppy in the Rose Garden in full view of the White House press corps.

If Donald Trump is elected president, he is going to need adult supervision because, as it turns out, he actually plays well when sensible people are in the room telling him what he should and should not do. Kellyanne Conway had best be White House Chief of Staff or else a Trump presidency will be just a tad too exciting.

Ted Cruz in the Senate would also serve as a check on Trump’s worse impulses. Cruz haters such as Farenthold will appreciate him in that role.

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