Former President Bill Clinton complained back in 2008 that then-candidate Barack Obama had “played the race card in me.” Fast forward eight years and the aging aspiring “first dude” is doing the same thing to Donald Trump. He suggested that the slogan “make America great again” is racist as it really means that Trump wants to elevate white people, currently feeling put upon, at the expense of minorities. The problem is that Clinton himself used the same slogan, both in 1992 when he was campaigning for president and in 2008 when he was campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s attempt to play the race card is a blatant attempt to head off Trump’s outreach to African American voters.

Traditionally, Democrats have enjoyed 90 percent plus of the African American vote in presidential contests. A decrease of even ten percent of that total would be a game changer that would cast the Democratic Party into permanent minority status. Clinton is trying to suggest that Trump would, in effect, bring back Jim Crow in his appeal to white, working-class voters.

Of course, Clinton, who learned politics before the advent of YouTube, may find that this time his attempt will backfire. If “make America great again” is racist coming from a New York real estate mogul and reality TV star, how is it not racist coming from the mouth of a white, southern politician who was once mentored by Sen.

William Fulbright, a segregationist politician from the 1950s and 60s?

The statement also aligns with a continuing theme from the Clinton campaign that Trump supporters are ignorant yokels who are just frightened of change and have been stirred up by unscrupulous politicians to vote for them. The problem is that the “change” that Trump supporters are resistant to consists of socialism at home and appeasement abroad. Slow economic growth, a lack of jobs, and an ever-intrusive federal government have combined to make life in American all but intolerable to some.

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Trump is exploiting quite adroitly the feeling of alienation and anger many Americans feel, much as Clinton himself did in 1992. The Clinton campaign will ignore and dismiss that opinion at its peril.

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