Some students at theUniversity of Texas at San Antonio will not only listen to Beyoncé's music, but they will be able to study the hit song from her latest album, "Lemonade" and get three college credits for it. Last springBeyoncé teased the public with lemons in advertisements beforeher album was released on April 23, 2016. The hit song was available for online streamingthrough Tidal. Critics said it was Beyoncé's boldest and best music to date. The album sold 485,000 copies in the very first week.

Students taking the course

Students at UTSA can enrollin the new English course "Black Women, Beyoncé & Popular Culture" that lasts for an entire semester.

An in-depthstudy of the singer's 55-minute audiovisual project will be explored with an emphasis on its relativity to black feminism. That is not to say that only females are eligible to take the course. The course is open to any student at UTSA, but the professor has given several warnings in her syllabus to weed out those whothink the course will be a piece of cake.

About the course

Kinitra Brooks is the professor who has designed and will teach the course. She has warned those who are thinking about enrolling that she will not sugarcoat anything. She says no one will get an easy "A" because there is a lot of work involved. The theoretical, historical, and literary message of the Beyoncé' album and video will be explored.

The professor promises to push students to get them to think about things that might be uncomfortable for them.

Students will be required to attend classes three times a week. The course is divided into segments with themes for each segment. While the main focus will be on the 35-year-old singer's "Lemonade" album, participants in the class will be assigned weekly outside readings that relate to African-American studies.

Brooks suggests students to take an inventory of their maturity and ability to handle such a course because there will be a lot of discussions that will challenge participantsabout race,gender, womanism, and other socio-political issues. It is interesting that there is also a literature course at the University of Texas at Arlington on Jay Z,Beyoncé's rapper husband.

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