Back in July of 2012, a theatre in Aurora, Co. was the scene of one of the biggest mass murders in history at the time, until the Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016. Nearly 400 people had poured in to the Cinemark’s Century 16 theatre for a midnight viewing of The Dark Knight Rises. Suddenly, they were dodging gunfire and fearing for their lives as a lone gunman opened fire on them. James Eagan Holmes was arrested just outside the theatre and later convicted of the shooting that took the lives of 12 people and caused injury to 70 more.

Those injured say the theatre is responsible

Cinemark took action and agreed to help pay funeral expenses for those who died in the shooting and theatres all over started using stronger security measures. In September of 2012, three of the victims started a suit against Cinemark, citing lack of security to prevent such a Crime in the theatres. Other victims joined them over the years.

The battle between victims and the theatre went back and forth with attorneys for both the victims and the theatre stating reasons why their client had valid reasons to be in court, presenting their side.

According to reports, an offer was made to settle, but while some of the plaintiffs agreed to the terms, others did not. A judge even advised the plaintiff’s attorney that they should take the offer, before any rulings were made. Several plaintiffs dropped out of the case, withdrawing their own charges. Soon there were only 4 left that were willing to fight the battle.

Theatre returns suit and asks for court costs

In June, Cinemark filed their own suit to be reimbursed for the extensive court fees they were accumulating to defend the claims made by the victims of the Aurora mass shooting. After another lengthy and costly battle, a decision has been made and now these victims that had continued the law suit ended up owing Cinemark a whopping $700,000.

Many say that this lawsuit win for Cinemark is an insult to the victims that survived the mass shooting, and to those who died at the hands of the mass murderer.

Cinemark is not in any financial distress by any means, considering they are worth over 2 billion dollars and the victims that sued them are most likely all working class people, who lost much more in that 2012 shooting, in Colorado, than money could ever replace.

Some say they will never return to a movie theatre again. Other people who were not even involved in the suit, or at that particular theatre have also said, theatres are not safe and refuse to go, concerned about other theatre shootings as well. Other public venues have also been the scene of horrible attacks over the years. Is any public venue really safe?

Should, or could, any public venue absolutely guarantee the public’s safety?

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