5 decades of waiting

JetBlue Flight 387 took place between Santa Clara and Cuba and it took only 51 minutes. This flight has a historical significance because it symbolizes the re-opening of relations between the US and Cuba, which have been foes since the Cold War. At that time, Cuba banned incoming flights during the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. No one knows the exact date when the last commercial flight to Cuba occurred, but Secretary of State John Kerry said on Twitter that the last commercial flight probably took place in 1961.

A historic flight

Aboard the Airbus A320 were important characters of the political scene and officials. US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and director Robin Hayesof JetBlue were aboard the airplane. Anthony Foxx also said that this flight is the clearest example of President Barack Obama's work to restore diplomatic relationships with Cuba. Cuban Vice Minister of Transportation Eduardo Rodriguez added that this event is a step in the right direction and a solid contribution in the process of improving the relations between the two countries.

JetBlue Flight 387 was the first regular commercial flight scheduled between the two old foes after more than half a century and is clear evidence that officials of the two countries are working hard in their efforts to normalize diplomatic relations. The JetBlue company will soon be followed another nine companies that will have their own routes and together they will carry up to 110 flights a day from US cities to Cuba.

The future is bright

To show their gratitude for this flight, Cuban authorities conducted a ceremonial salute with cannon water that bathed the Airbus 320 before it departed Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. JetBlue CEO added that until now if you wanted to fly to Cuba you had to buy a ticket from the ticket office then fly on a propeller plane and thus this historic flight shows how things can change in the course of 50 years.This event was possible because of Obama's efforts in 2014 when hetogether with Cuban President Raul Castro announced that the two old enemies wouldrestore diplomatic relations.

Then followed the reopening of embassies in Washington and Havana and also American businesses signing new deals with Cuba. Despite these changes, the US still maintains an economic embargo on Cuba, but this flight shows that things can change in Cuba and the US.

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