When one person is pulled from the water after being bitten by a shark, this will usually prompts most people in the area to get out of the water. Then if a second person exits the water on the same stretch of beach bleeding from a shark bite, you would think the folks would heed this second visual warning and stay on dry land. But that wasn't the case on a Florida beach this weekend.

One, two, three shark attack victims in three hours!

A third person was bitten by a shark at New Smyrna Beach in less than three hours and still there were folks out there ready to surf!

That makes three shark attacks, averaging one an hour!According to "NBC News,"warnings were posted for the beach goers telling people not to go above their knees in the water. Despite the shark warnings and three shark attacks, the surfers who wanted that rough surf ignored the warnings and went out into the deeper water to catch the waves. Three got more than they bargained for.

Surfers didn't heed the warnings!

The first victim was a 43-year-old man who was surfing when he wasbittenon his lower leg.

It was about 10:30 a.m. when the first shark bite occurred. The man's injuries were called "significant," but he was expected to survive. It was about a half hour later when another man was bitten on both hands by a shark. The second victim, who is 36, was also surfing at the time he was attacked. He was taken to the hospital for the shark bites.

It was right after lunch time, at about 1 p.m., that the final Shark Attack victim came out of the water with a bite to his thigh.

The 16-year-old surfer was said to have "minor" injuries. That was a lot of shark bite activity for one afternoon and thankfully none of the injuries were life threatening!

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