Katherine Derleth is just thirteen years old, yet she is the mother of a 2-week-old baby boy that she delivered by cesarean. If that is not traumatic enough to one so young, Katherine and her baby boy named Christopher are missing and may be in danger. It is reported that her stepfather, 39-year-old, Christopher Derleth, kidnapped the young mother and her baby. A nationwide Amber Alert has been issued.

Stepfather has a troubled past

Katherine and her baby were in the custody of a state-appointed foster home in the Edwardsville IL area up until 5 days ago. Allegedly, her stepfather took Katherine and the baby on Sunday, September 18, and the three have not been heard from since.

There was an order of protection in place to prevent the stepfather from coming near her, but that didn’t save this teen mom or the tiny baby boy from him.

Authorities fear for both Katherine and the baby’s safety due to the fact that Katherine may need medical attention for the type of delivery she had and due to the fact that the baby is so young. She may not have the knowledge or the means to care for such a young baby because she is so young herself.

There are ongoing charges against the stepfather in several counties near where Katherine was taken. An investigation was also underway to prove paternity of the baby boy that Katherine delivered on September 1, 2016. She reportedly lived with her stepfather at the time she became pregnant.

Charges have been filed against Christopher Derleth for kidnapping and child abduction but that means very little if he cannot be located. Many viewers on social media speculate as to why he would take the young girl and her baby.

Commenters ask: “Is he trying to hinder them from finding out the baby’s paternity for fear of more charges?

Does he truly want them with him? Why does the baby boy have the same name as him?” Other commenters state that these questions do not matter at this point, the safe return of Katherine and the baby is what’s important.

Authorities asking for everyone’s help

Local, state and federal authorities have asked the public to help share any and all information that could help locate the missing trio and bring the young mother and baby back home to safety.

Delerth is reported to have a love of the outdoors and knows a lot about camping and surviving on very little. If they are hiding out in a remote wooded area, conditions could be even worse for a tiny baby.

News reporters and social media users continue to share information in the hopes that Delerth, Katherine and the baby will be spotted and caught. The last sighting of the van they are reported to be traveling in was in West Virginia. The van is a green 1996 Mercury Villager with Illinois plates. The public is urged to contact local authorities if they spot this young mother, baby boy and the stepfather who allegedly Kidnapped them.

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