Wal-Marthas settled with a disabled former employee who claims he was wrongfully terminated after the store failed to follow theAmericans with Disabilities Act.

Wal-Mart's settlement

Wal-Martwill be paying William Clark $900,000 to end the lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on his behalf. The lawsuit states that William Clark has intellectual disabilities though the lawsuit doesn't state which type of learning disability he has.

He had been working there for 18 years and the store would provide him an accommodation.

The modification he needed, and until very recently received, was a written list of everything he needed to do that day. According to the EEOC's lawsuit, the store in Rockford had provided that list for years but stopped for no apparent reason. TheAmericans with Disabilities Actrequires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to disabled employees so long as the employee can perform the essential functions of the job.

"Here, a simple written list would have provided Mr. Clark with the accommodation he needed, and he wouldn’t have been terminated,” Julianne Bowman, the EEOC’s district director in Chicago said in a public statement.

Wal-Mart says it did nothing wrong

Though the company has decided to settle the case,Wal-Martsays that Clark was fired for legitimate workplace safety reasons unrelated to his Disability.

A spokesman forthe companysays that it does not tolerate discrimination. Furthermore, they maintain that Clark did not request an accommodation. They say if he had, they would have given it to him.

"While we deny that discrimination in any way played a part in Mr. Clark’s termination, we are glad we resolved the matter and will undertake additional ADA training at this individual store.” The spokesman said.

As part of the settlement, storeswill be required to train their employees on how to accommodate disabled employees. The spokesman noted that they hire many disabled employees and provide accommodations without issue.

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