Don’t give any lip to Alexis Fraser, aka Lipstick Lex, who turned her specialty of oil painting into kiss portraiture, replacing oil with lipstick. She is not the first to use lipstick as paint, as another talented artist named Natalie Irish beat her to it some five years ago with an incredibly beautiful portrait of Marilyn Monroe that received much acclaim. Lipstick Lex has followed the example, mastering the medium and developing her own unique technique she calls “kiss print pointillism” so beautifully that her art stands on its own.

Alexis Fraser is a new and different kind of “make-up artist”

Strategically placed kisses on the blank canvas create specific elements that are unique to the facial features of the subject of the portrait. Each image requires a lot of kissing in predetermined spots. A small portrait can take a few hours of application, while larger ones can eat up many tubes of lipstick and require up to a week of her ‘lip time’ to complete. Sometimes a kiss won’t create a desired effect, and in those instances, the direct application of lipstick executes the finer points of detail. Ultimately, however, it is her lips that create the stunning work of art by making out with the canvas.

Alexis Fraser is an accomplished oil painter

This Chicago native is a full-time artist who now lives in Canada with her husband, Josh, infant daughter named Rue and their dog, Chubbs. Her life is her art and her oil paintings are singularly beautiful. Her aesthetic, which is accomplished by blunt brush stokes, is exemplified in a series entitled: Urban Portraiture, which emphasizes the more minute details of people, their faces and even their personalities.

All in all, Alexis Fraser is an artist who is always seeking new ways to develop and express her incredible talent. She and Natalie Irish, so far are the only two artists to successfully work in the medium of lipstick, but others may follow, imprinting their own unique stamp on their work.

Whatever you do, don’t ever give any lip to this extremely talented woman.

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