The old Incredible Hulk Coaster paid homage to the old cartoons. The queue was filled with bright greens and purples, with a techno soundtrack.

Televisions were scattered throughout, playing a cartoon of Bruce Banner's experiments and a newsreel of the destruction that came after.

The ride is supposed to transport you into Banner's world, to feel the take-off to 67 mph as if you were suddenly on the ride to becoming the Hulk with him.

Mostly, though, the rider is transported into Banner's cartoon world of the early 1990s.

The new coaster has come a long way from that.

The Hulk Welcomes You to His New World

Gone are the days of the bright and colorful monster. The first things guests will see before entering the queue now is the Hulk, holding broken pieces of the old roller coaster track above his head, his menacing figure looking down at the crowd.

According to Universal Orlando, even the somewhat simple plot we've come to know will be different.

The story is now about General Thaddeus Ross, who is calling on test subjects to undergo a process of Hulk-a-fiction, where you'll be hit by high levels of gamma radiation, in the hopes that you'll become the next great super soldier.

The new lab that you enter in the queue is Ross's military research compound. Ross is conducting rather questionable experiments, and you get a front seat.

You'll see the Gamma core, which is fueling all of his work, before making your way to the loading platform to watch others be a part of the "experiment" before you.

Gear Up for Take-off With the Hulk

Even the ride vehicles have gotten a sleeker look.

They're now complete with an in-seat audio system, playing a score created by Fall Out Boy's lead singer, Patrick Stump.

I think it's safe to say that the bad techno music of the old coaster is a thing of the past.

It seems the ride is trying to keep up with the current film franchise. After eleven months of refurbishment, the coaster is ready for a soft opening.

For the past week, Universal Orlando guests have seen the ride get tested, either without anything on board or with mannequins, but the wall around the ride is officially down.

Guests, at least for a while, are invited to enter Ross's facility and take their chances with their experiments.

As for a permanent opening, Universal has not set an exact date, but they do say that it'll be open by the end of the summer.

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