Flint, Michigan has seen its fair share of horrors these past few years as the state of their water supply has gone from safe and able to use to dangerous, not able to use whatsoever. With its residents struggling to find a solution, the public eye has begun to neglect and ignore their situation as things continue to go on a roller coaster ride like spiral.

The Timeline of Events:

Started in 2010, Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA) was incorporated withinthe city to provide water from Lake Huron to Flint and other surrounding communities. Shortly after, on November 29th, 2011, Flint was the fourth city in the state to be brought under control by an emergency manager (EM) to oversee its operations and control its finances.

Appointed by Governor Rick Snyder, Michael Brown was the first of four EM's to take part inFlint's affairs. At this point, Flint's deficits accumulated to 25.7 million dollars due to the water provider change.

Fast forward to March of 2013, State Treasurer Andy Dillon and Snyder's Chief of Staff Dennis Muchmore began to discuss water supply alternatives and how they could go about creating a solution, or rather a martyr for a future problem, to the current situation at hand. Flint's city council voted 7-1 in favor of the approval to purchase and receive water from KWA and eventually move away from their current provider, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) due to cost reasons.

A month later, DWSD issued a statement regarding this "settlement" proclaiming that Flint's plans to separate from them would save no money in addition to the rather harsh statement that Flint "launched the greatest water war in Michigan's history".

After this statement was released, Flint proceeded with their KWA contract and signed it on April 16th, while DWSD terminated Flint's water service contract, becoming effective in April of 2014. This essentially forced the city and its officials into finding an alternative source of water for its residents until KWA construction was completed.

By June of 2013, KWA construction was underway and as by as early as April of 2014 Flint had switched its water source to the Flint River claiming it was completely safe to drink and use. Months later, the chaos began to ensue. From August 15-20, the first boil advisory was issued after e-coli was found in the water.

Only a few weeks later the next boil advisory was issued, from September 5-9, officials confirming that coliform was found in the city'swater supply. Well into 2015, situations became direr as citizens spoke up about what was happening in their homes due to the conditions of the water they were consuming and using and the issue gained national attention.


Flint's Water Crisis is still occurring in the present, and it seems nothing is truly getting solved in this afflicted Michigan community. The public eye has diverted its gaze from their issue to other issues both just as serious or extremelyfutile, minute and insignificant. If you would like to help those in Flint get the clean and safe water they need and deserve, GoFundMe has a plethora of campaigns available to donate to.

As Flint's communities try to dig themselves out of a rubble they never deserved, we watch as things continue to escalate to levels they should never have got to in the first place. Will things ever get better for those affected in the small city in Michigan?

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