Rutherglen, Glasgow police officers have probably seen it all. Whether it be domestic violence or hauling away a drunk from a local pub, they probably don’t get too many calls about Supernatural events—if any. But local Scottish officers recently received a call involving a supernatural event.The common term used is a poltergeist—a German word meaning “noisy ghost.”A terrified woman claimed that something supernaturalhad invaded her home. Officers arrived at the house expecting to find a mentally challenged resident. Instead of finding a disturbed woman, officers encountered supernaturalactivity.

Authorities entered the haunted house only to see clothingflying through the air

Officers saw clothes flying throughout the house, lights turning on and off, the oven door opening and closingon its own, and a Chihuahua sitting on a 7-foot hedge. And what’s stranger than an entity placing a Chihuahua on a hedge? The two-day nightmare occurred on August 8 and 9. Officers notified their superiors that they had witnessed supernatural disturbances in the house. Officers also recommended the family involve a priest.Apparently, the family decided not to wait for help as they abruptly chose to leave their home.Jason Love, a paranormal expert said these types of attacks aren’t uncommon and are often drawn to children.

He also said police officers witnessing the events gave the story much more credence.

Family receives offers to cleanse the house of the supernatural

Fortunately, the family isn’t alone in their fight. They have received many offers from supernatural experts who claim they can remove stubborn spirits.

For instance, a television program called “Most Haunted” has offered to investigate. Authorities are reportedly searching past records to learn more about the house. Although poltergeists do occur, removing spirits from a home can sometimes be unsuccessful. In some cases, leaving is the onlyoption. This case will remain a high priority until policecan figure out whymischievousghostshave chosen to haunt this house.

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