Young love can be a wonderful thing, but it resulted in tragedy for two young lovers in Mexico recently. In a case of seemingly innocent passion gone wrong, a 17-year-old man is said to have died after his girlfriend planted a hickey on his neck. The sucking action of a hickey produces broken blood vessels, and according to medical professionals, in rare cases can also cause a clot to form, which is apparently what happened to the teenager in this bizarre case.

After the amorous session with his 24-year-old girlfriend, Julio Macias-Gonzalez was dining with his family in Mexico City when he started having convulsions.

Emergency personnel were summoned, but the young man apparently died from a hickey-induced clot that traveled to his brain.

Hickeys are usually pretty harmless, but caution still advised

A hickey is actually a type of bruise caused by broken blood vessels, but one caused by a sucking motion rather than normal trauma, such as hitting your shin on the coffee table, or being on the wrong end of a fist. While a small bruise isn't usually caused for concern in and of itself, it’s not something that anyone should seek out intentionally. Some see the love-bite as placing your mark on your lover, claiming that person as yours, and although they usually disappear on their own in a matter of days, if done hard enough, a hickey can leave a more permanent scar on the affected area, or worse, as was the case for the young Gonzalez in Mexico.

Clots caused by Hickey uncommon, but not unheard of

While very rare, this isn’t the first instance of a hickey causing a stroke, although it’s the first documented fatality. In 2011, a woman in New Zealand was left paralyzed after what doctors believe was a stroke brought on by a hickey.

Unnamed girlfriend remains mum about the incident

Julio’s girlfriend, who has not been named, hasn’t come forward with any comment or further information about the incident where her affections are said to have caused the death of her young lover.

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