rio - Tuesday night a media bus carrying journalists may have come under gunfire as two windows were shattered.According to Deadline, bullets did not enter the bus but splintered and starred the windows and glass caused minor injuries to "two of the twelvepassengers aboard".

The immediate action apparently came from a Reuters photographer who has experienced war situations in places such as Iraq. The photographer shouted at the bus driver saying, "Keep moving, keep driving, don't stop or pull over." Hoopfeed reported that the photographer was not the only person giving advice.

The bus driver seemed to have no idea how to reactto the circumstances and one of their own reporters was shouting at him, telling him to switch off the lights so they presented less of a target to the threat.

The police are investigating the incident and are not certain that bullets damaged the windows. The word is that some officials believe that the incident may have involved something other than bullets - possibly stones or some similar projectile.

However, the Washington Post reported that journalists on board the bus heard two shots, and this resulted in injuries to three of the passengers. The number of injured is not clear.

Conflicting reports emerging

In an interview with the Guardian,Mario Andrade a spokesperson for the Olympic Games in Rio said that the cause actually remains unknown at this time, and Police are investigating.

The bus was en route from the basketball venue to the mainBarra da Tijuca Olympic Park when the incident happened. There were nine foreign journalists in the bus and three Brazilians. According to a report that emerged via Twitter, The Globe journaliststhink that the bus windows were shattered by stones and not by gunfire. Nevertheless, a Hoopfeed journalist, Lee Michaelson, who is a retired Air Force captainand is very experienced when it comes to weaponrywas on the bus and able to report firsthand.

He said that he "immediately knew it was small arms fire."

There have been varying reports, mostly in response to the HoopFeed posts on Twitter, and via comments, it seems that the Reuters photographer was notKevin Lamarque - as he was apparently at the tennis at the time. There is some speculation that the photographer who gave the bus driver some excellent advice may have beenShannon Stapleton who wascovering the basketball from where the bus journey had originated

Armed robberies and shots fired

A fast Police investigation and press release may settle the speculation over these differing reports.

People at Rio are understandably nervous about incidents involving weapons as there have been some armed robberies on athletes and on Saturday a bullet was fired through a tent at the equestrian center. Other concerns have been raised as it was reported before the opening ceremonies that ISIS threats against the Olympic Games in Rio might be credible terrorism threats.

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