The saga of how Hillary Clinton allegedly sold her office as secretary of state for money paid to the Clinton Foundation took another turn. When FBI Director James Comey declined to recommend prosecuting the Democratic presidential candidate for the various scandals surrounding her unsecured email server, he refused to comment on rumors that the Bureau was investigating the pay to play scheme said to have been run by the Clintons. Then came the news that the Justice Department had refused the FBI permission to pursue the matter.

Now, courtesy of the Daily Caller, it looks like that as many as three United States Attorneys have teamed up with the FBI to investigate the matter independent of the Justice Department.

According to a source, the United States Attorneys for Little Rock Arkansas, Washington D.C., and New York City are delving into possible corrupt practices conducted by the Clinton Foundation, its donors, and Ms. Clinton and her inner circle during her time as secretary of state. Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, is taking the lead on the investigation.

The fact is significant because Bharara, who has put public officials of both parties and well as well-heeled private individuals in jail, has a reputation for utter fearlessness in the face of political pressure and intimidation. He has been described as being like the movie version of Elliot Ness.

At issue is the large numbers of foreign individuals and companies, some of whom of dubious background, who got special attention from the State Department around the time that they contributed generous donations to the Clinton Foundation.

The Foundation itself is suspected of being little more than a money laundering operation for the Clinton family, with a lot of cash being paid for “expenses” and less to actual charitable causes.

The question that arises is, will something happen before the election, say an indictment of Clinton and her top aides? Such an event would put a damper on Ms. Clinton’s desire to obtain the Oval Office and thus ultimate power in the United States.

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