A priest who molested “maybe 20 boys” was instructed to pray in order to repent for his sins. Reverend Louis Brouillard's assaults were apparently known to other members of the Church, but instead of contacting authorities, his fellow staff members simply instructed him to seek forgiveness from God.

As a result, Brouillard was able to continue molesting children, all of them boys, for several years. From the 1940's to 1970's Brouillard served as a teacher in Guam, the United States overseas territory. During this time, Brouillard has admitted to having molested numerous children.

No charges for priest

The statue of limitations for child molestation is set at only two years in Guam, so barring charges stemming from more recent incidents, Brouillard won't be facing prosecution. The shocking confession was made during a public hearing regarding whether or not to lift or modify the statute of limitations.

Brouillard said that he thought that the children liked it. At 95-years-old, the former priest has had a lot of time to think and has come to realize that what he did was wrong.

Abused man steps forward to recount assaults

Leo Tudela was a young child when Brouillard and two other members of the Catholic Church began to abuse him. One night, Tudela woke up in the Santa Teresita Church Rectory in Mangilao, where he stayed, to find himself being molested by Brouillard.

The priest couldn't recall Tudela, but admitted that it was possible that he was among the children abused. Brouillard has since apologized and has asked for forgiveness.

Brouillard has retired from the Catholic Church and no longer lives in Guam. He does receive a monthly pension payment from the Church, however.

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Arch Bishop being investigated

Archbishop Anthony Apuron who oversaw the Catholic Church in Guam is also being accused of sexual assault. Apuron may have also been complicit in protecting and enabling Brouillard and other priests who abused children.

The Catholic Church is currently investigating Apuron. Under Pope Francis, the Catholic Church has been trying to be more responsive to accusations of abuse.

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