A surprise flood overwhelmed downtown Ellicott City, killing two people, and causing damage to at least 25 buildings.

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman, 57, claimed that while Ellicott City was prone to flooding, none of the previous floods compared to the one that struck the city Sunday night.

The flood was caused by the approximately 6 inches of rain that fall between about 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

The rain itself was roughly equivalent to about one month of rainfall for the city and quickly overwhelmed the local infrastructure.

The storm gave people just minutes, at best, to prepare. Survivors are reporting that they were heading out to dinner and going about other normal errands when the waters started to rush in. The flash flood caught many people off guard.

Human chain used to save stranded motorist

In a popular video circulating Reddit and other sites, one woman was rescued by a group of individuals who formed a human chain.

Several men can be seen in the video, with one man lifting the woman up and carrying her to safety.

The street itself had turned into a violent, fast-moving river and it's half a wonder that the men were able to keep their footing. Experts warn that it takes just six inches of fast moving water to knock down an able-bodied adult and just two feet of water to lift up and carry away a vehicle.

Two dead after vehicles carried away

Jessica Watsula, 35, of Lebanon, Pennsylvania was killed when the vehicle carrying the car she was traveling in was swept away.

Watsula was with her family, visiting Ellicott City when the flash flood overtook them. The rest of her family managed to exit the vehicle safely, but Watsula was swept away. Her body has been recovered.

Joseph Blevins, 38, of Windsor Mill, Maryland was also swept away after his vehicle was overwhelmed by the storm.

Blevins was with his girlfriend when water swept their vehicle away. His girlfriend was able to escape, but Blevins was swept away.

Flood damage tally growing

Maryland authorities have not ruled out the possibility of more casualties. More missing persons may be reported as the city, and the surrounding areas begin to dig themselves out.

Authorities say that four to five buildings have been destroyed, with another thirty or so buildings having suffered severe damage. Firm financial numbers haven't been compiled yet, but authorities warn that the total will run into the millions.

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