The Louisiana flooding incident has left several families stranded and homeless.

Right now, many in these affected parts of Louisiana feelhopeless.

Even worse, for some people who moved back to the area, it's Katrina all over again.

Two "Katrinas" in less than 12 years!? Could you imagine the turmoil?

Let's face reality...

Many Louisiana flood victims need America's help.

Some families have taken others into their own home in efforts to help displaced family.

One person who has a house full, now, is Meaghan Ellis.

According to a GoFundMe page, she's trying to help displaced family get back on track.

The Louisiana native and her family taken in multiple displaced Louisiana disaster residents after the flooding incident, even while the waters were only meters away from their own home.

This is their Louisiana flooding fundraiser.

Asthis Louisiana flooding family is attempts to help others, it takes resources and assistance.

Moreover, on the backend, Louisiana needs to know that the rest of the United States hasn't forgotten them in their time of need.

This doesn't have to be another Katrina aftermath.

Be like Taylor Swift. Give to Louisiana flood victims.

If only Taylor would give to this family, right?

Yet, it's more likely they'll receive help from you instead. So, you're quite important.

No, these are not photos of Hurricane Katrina.

This is right now, present-day Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Although the waters are receding, the Louisiana floodingproduceda tremendous collective problem.

1. Mildew

2. Mold


Water damage.

"Mold and mildew are known to cause respiratory problems, common allergic reaction symptoms, nervous-system disorders and depression," as notes the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Due to the flooding in Louisiana, these families can't just go back to live in their soggy residences.

Water damage is far too significant.

Essentially, these families have lost everything due to the aforementioned flood conditions in State of Louisiana.

Yes, there are many families awaiting governmental funding through FEMA and other organizations.

However, think about how long that's going to take.

Louisiana flood victims need help now. They don't have nights to "wade in the water" with their children, so to speak.

The flooding in Louisiana took these residents by total surprise.

Don't allow them to be ever more surprised by the lack of compassion or support from fellow Americans.

Please show thisfamily, and any others, some love. Every little bit will help these Louisiana flood victims.

What are your thoughts? Will you listen to your conscience and give to their cause? Feel free to respond.

**Antonio J. Newell is a writer for Blasting News. You can follow him on Twitter: @TonyBhaingz.**

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