Joseph Hall endured daily abuse at his father's hands.

Joseph Hall's life was no picnic. At just 10-years-old, he'd seen more violence than many of us experience in a lifetime. When his dad, Jeffrey Hall, threatened to murder the entire family, Joseph took the matter into his own hands.According to theWashington Post,Joseph was born to a mother who had used drugs and alcohol while pregnant with him. Besides alcohol and marijuana, the mother's drug abuse extended to meth, LSD, and heroin.The boy's stepmother, Krista McCary, confirmed to police that her husband beat Joseph daily, for reasons as small as "being too loud" or "getting in his way".

He would pummel the little boy with his fists, or viciously kick him in the back, she said. While Jeffrey Hall was violent toward his wife and all his children, Joseph seemed to be his favorite punching bag.

Violence begets violence, and Joseph Hall seemed to suffer from rage.

By the time he turned 3, he was given to such violent tantrums his own grandmother could no longer care for him. Whether this was related to his exposure to drugs, the daily beatings from his father, or a combination of both, is hard to say.

After unsuccessfully attending six different schools, Jeffrey and his wife decided to take Joseph Hall out of public schools and homeschool him.

This might seem like a fine idea to many parents, but for Joseph, homeschooling offered no reprieve from the oppression and violence at home.

Child Protective Services failed to help Joseph Hall.

In yet another case where Child Protective Services failed to help a battered child, the agency received a whopping 23 tips accusing Jeffrey Hall of abuse, which were deemed unfounded.

However, when police officers responded to the shooting, they detailed a list of things that should have raised huge red flags for CPS. Urine-soaked mattresses and filthy bedding occupied the bedrooms, and the floors were littered with dirty laundry and empty beer bottles.Most alarming, and rather ironic, was the large amount of firearms and other weapons lying about willy-nilly, or stored in a cabinet that was not barred or locked.

Joseph Hall shot and killed his father with a .357 Magnum.Even more ironic, Jeffrey taught his son to shoot. He used to take the child to the Mexican border with a group of neo-Nazi companions, where they hunted and shot at illegal immigrants.

Joseph Hall waived his Miranda rights.

Now a 15-year-old teenager, the abused boy has spent a large portion of his childhood in a juvenile detention center. His still has 8 years to serve.His case has caught the attention of those who want to help, and his attorneys are appealing the case, largely on the grounds that a 10-year-old child does not know what Miranda rights mean, let alone the consequences of waiving such rights.

A spokesperson from the Juvenile Law Center, who is involved in the Joseph Hall case, says the abuse Joseph endured must have been severe."Think about what goes through a child's mind that would even get them to that point where they think they can go get a gun and put it to their father's head."Joseph Hall was cooperative from the beginning, telling police that he shot his dad, because of the continued abuse of himself, his siblings, and stepmother. The evening before the shooting, his dad mentioned taking down all the smoke alarms and burning everyone up in their sleep.

One of his lawyers says he is "a great kid".

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