Authorities in Pennsylvania are looking forJulie McCutcheon. The 36-year-old woman was last seen almost an entire week ago, and now her loved ones are starting to panic as the search for her attracts media attention. What happened to this missing woman?

Mysterious circumstances

The Franklin County woman disappeared nearly a week ago, and was last seen around Bullfrog Road in the area of Gettysburg. Her loved ones say that she was house-sitting at the time of her disappearance for some friends who have not been identified in media reports.

She was reportedly last seen on Wednesday of last week, which police say corresponds with her social media activity.

All activity has ceased since then, however, which is a troubling detail in this woman's case. Loved ones ofJulie McCutcheon went to the home where she was supposed to be house-sitting, but she was nowhere around. What's more, her belongings were found in the home -- along with the dogs she was watching. The dogs had reportedly defecated and urinated in the house numerous times, which indicates that they had been locked up in the residence for at least an entire day -- maybe even longer than that.

Where could this missing woman be?

This is indeed a mysterious and very suspicious disappearance. The loved ones of this missing woman also believe that there could have been some suspicious activity on Julie's bank account, but details surrounding this suspicion haven't been clarified in any reports at this time.

It's troubling to think that this woman vanished without any indications left behind as to why. However, it does seem likely that she was taken or led away by someone with foul play in mind. That could be indicated by the fact that she left behind all of her belongings -- including her cellphone.

With it being a week since Julie McCutcheon was last in contact with loved ones, authorities in Pennsylvania definitely have their work cut out for them.

With each day that passes without her being found, the chancesof finding her alive become smaller and smaller. Of course, there is always the possibility that this woman is voluntarily missing, but her loved ones don't seem to think that's the case.

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